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200W LED tunnel light for tennis court

Product Description

200W LED tunnel lighting IP65 waterproof for tunnel lighting, warehouse,factory,workshop,buliding lighting, tennis court, stadium lighting, cold storage,food processing:

Lighter & compact lamp body, saving freight cost and easy installation.

200W LED tunnel light

 Power:  200W   Driver  external  Meanwell HLG UL driver          
 Input voltage:      100-277V / 350V /480V  PF  >0.95
 LED spec  Philips Luxeon SMD3030 Power efficiency         >90%
 LED efficiency  130-150Lm/W Lumens efficiency         95Lm/W
 CRI  >Ra80 Beam angle 90° / 60° 
Color temperature



working temperature   -30°- 50°

Module Fin Aluminum heat sink

 Lifespan:  >50,000hrs
LED tunnel light application Tunnel,warehouse,factory 200W LED tunnel light  Replace  600-800w MHL/HID/HPS/CFL 
Warranty 5 years Power option 400W 300W 200W 150W 100W 50W

GOLON outdoor LED tunnel lighting items below:

200W  led tunnel light future:

Full Fin aluminum module design, lighter lamp body, simple installation & maintenance:


200w led light for tennis court light distribution:




200W LED tunnel lamp diamention:

LED tunnel lighting package:

200W led tunnel lighting application:

200W led tunnel light features:

1. Heat better dissipation by Alumimum fin-shape heat sinking and active air exchanging cooling system.

2. Modular structure of LED industrial Light could be applied for power variation by module increase and decrease.

3. Beam angle of modulars could be adjustable to fulfill various lighting requirements.

4. Unique design removable power supply and light source

5. Available for 85-277V AC.


IP65 waterproof LED tunnel light 200W application:

200W led tunnel light is high color rendering level perfect for retail stores, wholesale warehouses, grocery chains,court,stadium lighting, malls and auto showrooms

High power 200W led tunnel lights for industrial lighting can replace 600W HPS or MHL high bay light for warehouse lighting applications


200W LED outdoor light

 Power:  200W   Driver  external UL listed          
 Input voltage:      100-277V / 350V /480V  PF  >0.95
 LED spec  PhillipsLuxeon SMD3030 Power efficiency         >90%
 LED efficiency  130Lm/W Lumens efficiency         95Lm/W
 Ra  >80 Beam angle 120° 
Color temperature



working temperature   -30°- 50°

Module Fin Aluminum heat sink

 Lifespan:  >50,000hrs
led outdoor light application Tunnel,warehouse,factory 200w outdoor led light Replace  600-800w MHL/HID/HPS/CFL 
Warranty 3 years Power option 200W 150W 100W 50W


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