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LED Bulb Lights

Category Description

Golon LED lights offers E27 LED ball bulbs and the best globe bulbs in household bulbs,LED global bulbs,LED light bulbs from china manufacturer and wholesaler.

E27 LED bulbs and E26 LED bulbs selection include many types of LED light bulb shapes:

A type or LED pear shaped light bulbs.

G type or LED Globe rounded shapes,LED Globe bulbs,LED Global bulbs.

R type or LED light bulbs with 2 inch and larger diameters.

LED bulbs E27 base also have a wide range of wattages from 2W LED light bulbs to 18W LED light bulbs.


Golon LED Lights offers E27, E26,B22, and E14 LED light bulbs for many applications:

LED Dimmable Light Bulbs and LED Dimming Light Bulbs.

Commercial LED Lighting for Entertainment, Hospital, Medical and Health, Retail, Education and other commercial markets.

Industrial LED Lighting for factory, facility, energy, and other industrial lighting needs.

LED Home Lighting includes LED Interior Lights, LED Kitchen Lighting, LED Landscape Lighting,LED Outdoor lighting etc.

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