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Module LED Tunnel Lights 50-400W

Category Description

Top quality LED tunnel floodlights are IP65 waterproof,dust proof, antiseptic and antirust. the tunnel floodlights can work fine in a demanding environments of tunnel lighting. With over many years experience in tunnel floodlighting, we offers the most technologically advanced tunnel floodlights fixtures available for tunnel and underpass lighting for a wide variety of roadway lighting & rail lighting applications. The new LED Tunnel floodlights provides an energy-saving solution for applications that typically used 50-400 watt LED tunnel lights.

Adopt high quality matetials: Philips SMD3030 LED+Fin aluminum heat sink body+Meanwell driver,5 years warranty PF>0.95, >Ra80. 

Lighter & compact lamp body to save much more freight cost. 

50-400W LED module tunnel lights, universal design that can be applied to either wall or ceiling mount with lumen packages to replace 200watt through 1000 watt HPS tunnel light.

GOLON LED tunnel flood lights widely application for sport court filed, tennis court,warehouse, food factory, cold storage. factory,mine, any indoor or outdoor using.

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