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T8 T5 LED Tube

Category Description

LED Tube Lights and T8 and T5 Fluorescent Replacements

LED tube light replacements come in several formats:

LED Tube diameters of T5, T8, T10 and  T12

LED tube lengths of  1 foot / 300mm, 2 foot / 600mm, 4 foot /1200mm, 5 foot / 1500mm, 6 foot / 1800mm and 8 foot / 2400mm LED tubes

Color temperatures of warm white, natural white, cool white

Lens covers of Clear LED lens, Lined LED lens and Frosted LED Tube Light Lenses

Tube light cap can be rotatable;  Can  be with LED starter; ≤18W can be dimmable; Can be with externa driver

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