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6000 Lumens E40 LED High Bay Light Bulbs
2013-04-03 09:32:13

6000 Lumens E40 LED High Bay Light Bulbs

6000 Lumens E40 LED high bay light bulbs in Chile project with high brightness and long life. Golon 60 watte E40 LED street lights are installed to replace 300W MHL bulbs in the workshop, Chile. As we all know, while Golon E40 LED corn light bulbs have the feature of high brightness in accordance with the workshop.

Golon LED lighting products are positioned in high-end quality. Intelligent temperature control technology effectively keeps lights' temperature from increasing when reaching a certain level and protects circuit and light source from being damaged in the closed environment, which extends products' lifespan and reduces heat emission.

E40 LED lights products have features of easy removal, convenient assembly and free maintenance. If the power supply or the light bar is broken after the guarantee, the customers can replace the bad parts by themselves. There is no need to replace the whole light, which reduces the maintenance cost.

Golon LED lighting company continuously promotes and improves product function on products' research and development to make products more humanized and more economic, E40 LED light bulbs pursues environmental protection, rejects waste, Golon LED lighting attaches importance to responsibility to customers.

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