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Commercial Lighting And Home Lighting need be strengthened.
2013-03-20 09:31:08

Shenzhen Municipal Government said that they has decided to abolish the "Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015) on the issuance of the notice by the municipal government gazette in last week,the Plan was issued in March 2009, The communique did not specify reason of annul the file.

Shenzhen government sparked the speculation of the city's LED industry. Insiders said that, As LED lighting prices 5-6 times higher than the general lighting, LED lighting did not able to get a wide range of applications in Shenzhen , most of the applications are focused on the demonstration of the government to promote the public domain, but commercial lighting, office lighting , home lighting applications need be strengthened.

Nevertheless, since the beginning of this year, LED home lighting is for the people to accept, the development of Shenzhen LED industry is still promising, industry estimates, the LED lighting this year, the overall situation there should be a greater market development space.

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