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E40 Street Lights LED Retrofit Completed 40% in Zhuhai
2013-03-14 10:44:16
Zhuhai start a E40 street lights LED renovation project in 2012, the first phase of the project has been completed 40%, road lights have been replaced in the main urban areas and western urban areas.
It is understood that E40 street lights have more than 90,000 pcs in Zhuhai City, landscape lights about more than 30,000 pcs, most of E40 street lights use high pressure sodium and metal halide light source, its energy consumption is high, life is short, will produce mercury pollution to the environment.

Estimated standard according to the Zhuhai municipal gardens and Forestry and Urban Construction Energy Saving Technology Company, Zhuhai 90,000 E40 street lights to complete the transformation, the annual electricity consumption savings 54 million degrees, nine years may be saving a total of 486 million kilowatts, equivalent to the standard coal saved 17 million tons, to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, 3150 tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 120,000 tons; 0.831 yuan per kWh, the annual electricity savings of 44.874 million yuan, the total cost savings of 67.5 million yuan.

In addition to the benefits of energy conservation, the implementation of LED street lights reconstruction project will also boost the development of the LED lighting industry. current, LED lighting industry has been listed as Guangdong Province, focusing on the development of strategic emerging industries. The province to establish the LED demonstration project as a breakthrough in driving the LED lights industry. As of the end of 2012, the province's LED lighting demonstration project cumulative promote the use of 250,000 LED street lights, pull the LED lighting industry annual output value exceeded 150 billion yuan, the scale ranking the first in the country.

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