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High efficiency Heat Radiation Base On LED Bulbs Overall Structure Design
2013-04-11 23:26:53

Heat radiation of high-power LED bulbs is plagued by a major obstacle to the development of the LED lighting industry, long lifespan of LED bulbs is difficult to achieve because of poor heat dissipation,

To be considered some of the core parameters in the design of the radiator for LED street lights, such as metal specific heat, thermal conductivity of the metal chip thermal resistance, heat sink thermal resistance, ambient air thermal resistance. So high-power and high-wattage bulbs heat dissipation problem is not no solution, select the appropriate processes and technologies, reasonable design from the package to the heat, the temperature can be controlled within a certain range.

In the heat dissipation mode of choice, but depending on the LED lighting.

Heat with natural convection, forced-air cooling fan, heat pipe cooling. In general, adding the cooling fan is not applicable for outdoor lighting: First of all, the outdoor environment is complex, the fans are easily damaged, is not easy to deal with; Moreover, like a street-class outdoor lamps belong to the high-altitude operations, for the day-to-day maintenance of the fan Finally, the cooling fan, so that the volume of the size of the lamps can not control and replacement with difficulty and risk; Therefore, commonly used for outdoor high power lamps, heat pipe technology. In high-power cooling, heat pipe technology can play a very good effect, with the advantages of light weight and simple structure, rapid heat transfer and no moving parts and no external power supply.

Heat pipe cooling technology applied to high-power LED lighting advantage is particularly evident, 300W, 400W application to the thermal efficiency of heat pipe technology is very high. LED Lighting products, the design of the radiator is not just a way to heat, in order to achieve a better cooling effect, several heat will be reasonable with the design.

LED high heat density conditions, the heat pipe can achieve rapid cooling, heat pipe temperature range, heat transfer path is short and affected by gravity, directional and other shortcomings can not be effective with the heat source to distant, even The heat pipe heat source can rapidly with leaving, it is still necessary with a variety of fins to increase the area of ​​contact with the air, thereby increasing the ability of the natural convection.

Heat lamps in the room design, fan + fin design has also been in some products to achieve better cooling effect. Fin active cooling system uses a high thermal conductivity of 1060 aluminum cooling fins more fit heat than the same volume of conventional aluminum extrusion products lighter, larger cooling area. At the same time, the system adds a highly efficient double ball bearing fan to further improve thermal performance.

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