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LED Candle Lights Tremendous Prospects
2013-04-15 23:30:20

The traditional candle lights will become a thing of the past in 2014, The LED candle bulb lights manufacturers actively snatch new markets, Golon LED lights has developed a new LED candle lights product to replace the traditional candle bulbs, and received new orders on LED Candle bulbs, The candle bulbs adopt CREE or Epistar LEDs, new products of led candle lights have gone into the supply chain of European and American markets.

2014 discontinued the traditional 40W (watts) Candle Light, LED Candle Light a 6 to 7 U.S. dollars to be the terms of the original market demand of 100 million projected future, LED candle lights  is expected to reach 6-700000000 dollars each year.

LED lighting applications, there are two kinds of led lights will be quickly replaced, First the MR16 bulbs, another of the traditional candle lamps, estimated replacement candle lights rate may average 30% in this year replacement the effect will be even greater next year .

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