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LED Lighting Export Growth Rate Of 30% Annually In Future
2013-03-14 11:37:48
Shenzhen forefront of the country in the optoelectronics industry, also has a unique advantage.Guangdong LED export growth of 34% in 2012.

As optoelectronics industry in recent years, the most popular area in 2012, LED lighting development rapidly, despite the troubles, but as technology innovation, market applications increasingly broaden the national output value reached 205.9 billion yuan, Guangdong occupy 150 billion yuan . The overall increase of 34% over the previous year.

The industry said, although exports in 2012 exports still increased by 34%, industry technical features to its market in the high-speed development, there will be a 30% growth expected annually thereafter.

LED sales consists of three parts: First, the LED industry application surface, especially in urban lighting project; such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, tablet backlight, accounting for 30%; Third, the screen display. These three parts add up to 70% of the total sales. Insiders pointed out that, "This is a manifestation of the Regulations of the last year, indoor lighting, commercial lighting development rapidly, accounting for 16%, the rapid growth of this part of the street lights, 4%, the Pearl River Delta to promote faster; special lighting accounts for 4%. It would appear, LED law of development in accordance with the existing laws in the development of LED devices, city lighting, backlight, big screen, and interior lighting are beginning to mature. "

With the development of future demand for LED lighting will appear in a variety of forms. The industry believes that "now see indoor tube lights, spotlights, E40 Bulbs are done in accordance with the form of the old lamps will change the LED characteristics fixed laws."

Foreseeable future industrial development will occur, such as LED lamps form of innovation, a revolutionary change in the power system, the changes in the optical system breakthrough technology law changes and market demand directly on the corporate requirements.

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