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LED street lights tender amount proliferated in Guangdong
2013-03-19 09:32:53

Industry statistics show 2012 LED lighting products in government procurement market performance a little "fire" about more than 200 the number of procurement projects, procurement scale reached 262 million yuan, compared with previous years, the number of procurement projects and the procurement of scale are realized increased significantly.
January-March 2013, the first quarter of 2013, Guangdong Province, E40 street lights and led flood lights bidding has reached 76,000pcs, while last year the total amount of the tender before 75,000pcs E40 led street lights and led flood lights, The first quarter of this year, 76,000pcs E40 street lights is included in Yunfu 24000pcs E40 led street bulbs,Dongguan17000pcs E40 led street lamps, Guangzhou 7000pcs E40 led street bulbs, Shenzhen 5000pcs E40 led street lights etc.
Guangdong Province, with a complete LED industrial chain, also the promotion of LED lighting applications, the pioneer in the country have a significant demonstration effect. Policy level, it is expected that there will be more conducive to the development of the LED industry policy implementation. Pattern from the industrial point of view, the upstream chip manufacturers the competitive advantage will be the technical decisions, while downstream applications will rely more funds to promote.

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