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Replacement For LED Street Bulbs In Main Road this year
2013-04-17 16:15:11

According to "Dongguan City promote the use of LED street light products embodiment" , the end of the year, All of Dongguan roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions will be installed LED street lights. Currently, Humen Town is replacement for led street lights in the trunk road.

In order to further increase the effect of the application of LED street lights products, Humen, according to the actual situation, the Longde road sections of the street upgrades, and upgrading the town as the main road street demonstration sites. East lead on both sides of the canal embankment newly installed LED street lights with LED street bulb. For the rest of the trunk road of the town, in the second half of this year to begin large-scale upgrade.

Cheung Tak Road area of ​​LED street lights and other places is obviously not the same, not only the lights brighter, and city streets more beautiful contrast.
It is understood that  1 pc LED street lights every day can save energy more than 700 watts of power saving energy 300 kilowatts per year, after the transformation of LED street lights not only last longer but also more environmentally friendly.

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