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The End Of LED Street Lights Test, Street Bulbs Stability
2013-04-11 18:16:21

With Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection testing personnel in Baixinwang Industrial Park announced the completion of the data collection, the end of chinese first LED street lights testing. The test results show that the stability of LED street light bulbs is performance.

The testing which be begin in July 2012, LED street light bulbs from four company selected will be installed in Baixinwang Industrial Park, Nanshan Science and Technology Office organization expert, Alliance and third-party testing organizations test the LED street lights four times in six months time. The average illuminance in the 8-meter-high pole, field test to determine the practicality and adaptability of LED street light bulbs in a real environment.


It is understood that all new lighting projects of city field of public lighting will adopt LED street lights. In accordance with the requirements of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen must completed the LED lighting task of transformation of the public lighting before the end of 2013, street lights are one of the key transformation object. Guangdong LED (Shenzhen) Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance official said, LED street lamp testing data is great significance for promoting large-scale LED public lighting.

Golon LED lighting of E40 LED street lights and LED module street bulb passed the test.

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