Glowing for the Long Haul: Essential Tips for Neon Sign Care and Maintenance

The custom neon sign looks great and are very popular. They can draw attention to businesses, add personality to interior spaces, and they’re a great way to bring a little extra color. These signs are durable and long-lasting, yet they are also easy to maintain. Not everyone is knowledgeable about proper neon sign care. We have the information you need to ensure that your neon sign is brightening your life for a lifetime.

Keep It Clean

While it may seem obvious, the most important thing about neon sign care is to keep it clean. Neon signs that are dirty start to look dull and uninviting. It is important to unplug your custom neon sign before you start cleaning it. Their transformers can cause severe burns if they get too hot. To get rid of dust, you will need a vacuum attachment with a brush attachment. After that, clean the tubes with a nylon brush and a soft cloth. A paintbrush is great for getting into hard-to-reach places. It is possible to spend more time depending on the location of your sign. If it’s near a barbecue, grease can build up. If it’s near a place where it is often smoked, nicotine stains can form. Use an ammonia-based cleaner to remove the grimy stains and wipe down the tubes. Do not scrub too hard, as you don’t want your tubes to come apart. Finally, wash off the cleanser with water. Plug your sign back into the socket!

Keep the bugs away

This tip focuses on neon signs outside. The brightly colored neon tubes attract bugs. You’ll need to clean your signs more often if there are any bugs. These bugs can block your sign’s view, which is not what anyone wants. Installing a few mosquito traps or bug zappers on your property is the best way to solve this problem. You should place them at the source of the pests. Mozzies can also be found in drainage ditches. These steps should keep mosquitoes away.

Make sure you unplug your sign

It is best to leave your sign plugged into and on, regardless of whether you believe it. Except when you are cleaning or repairing your sign, leaving it on all the time will wear it more than leaving it on. Neon is very cost-effective, so you won’t have to spend much. It costs only 20 cents to run a 24-hour custom neon sign. The best part is that they don’t get very hot and are therefore not a fire hazard.

These are just a few tips to make sure your neon sign lasts for a long time. You can rest assured that your neon sign will last a lifetime if you keep these things in mind. A huge selection is available if you are interested in a custom neon sign or want to buy more. You should hire a professional if your sign is not working properly.

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