The Brighter Choice: Why LED Neon Signs Are Poised to Outshine Traditional Neon Lights

LED neon signs are growing in popularity among businesses that want to make their brand stand out over traditional neon signs. Learn why LED Neon is being adopted by companies and how it could lead to brighter tomorrows.

What’s The Difference Between LED Signage and Neon?

An LED sign or light source is made of a string light emitting diode (LED) that is far enough apart to give it a continuous glow.

LEDs are usually wrapped in a protective polymer. This is lighter than neon glass tubing and easier to use. You’ll also find them less fragile! Neon signs from the past are often a bit wider and taller that their LED counterparts. An LED sign can have a thickness as low as 1 in.

For these reasons, LED technology has become more attractive to attention because it is cheaper, better, and more eco-friendly than traditional methods.

Lower Electricity Our Custom neon signs use approximately 15x the electricity of traditional neon signs. The size of the signage can be measured in tubes straightened. An old neon sign would typically use 20 watts per hour to power one foot. To lighten the LED light, which is approximately the same thickness as a fluorescent tube, it would require only 1.2W per hour. Even better, neon signs are much cheaper than traditional neon. These signs will save you money over their lifetime so get started saving as soon as you choose the latest version of our custom neon signs.

Traditional neon signs are fixed in functionality. They can remain on or off with no possibility to change the visual experience. LED neon signs provide a lot of creative flexibility since they have thousands of small single lights. Each light can be programmed separately to be ‘active. LED lights can flash, fade, and change color. No matter the area being illuminated, LED bulbs come in a variety of sizes. This allows for more creative designs. Contrast these with tubes that can’t be bent into intricate shapes or simple blink on/off capabilities and you will quickly see what will attract more attention.

While we are on the topic of aesthetics, LED neon signs offer consistent brightness which makes them easy to view from both close-up and far away. When neon signs are dark, it can be difficult to see details at a distance. The LED neon signs light can be dimmed to suit your own needs, whether it is daytime or nighttime. This makes them more energy-efficient. Our personalized neon lights use less electricity and are brighter. The brightness can be adjusted to allow for flexibility in display.

Branding Matches
There is an almost limitless number of colors available for LED neon signs. This makes it easier for brands to communicate their brand image better while also maintaining brand integrity. NeonExperts have a range of other custom neon sign options. This will ensure that you can always find something NeonExperts can help with to make your workspace or workspace more vibrant.

The individual bulbs are strong enough to make it simple to maintain LED signs without having to deal with hot parts. Simply wipe down the LED signs with a damp towel. It is important to turn off the neon signs and let them cool before you clean them. This means you won’t have to worry about it.

A lot of LED signs don’t require any maintenance. It is possible to replace neon signs by hiring a professional manufacturer, or simply by buying new signage. It can take up to 10 years for your old signs to lose their neon gas. LED bulbs will not fade over time, are much more resistant to weather changes, and retain their brightness for longer periods. Your personalized neon sign can be used outside without fear of water damage.

LED signs on average last 100,000 hours (11 years) because they are constantly brightly lit. That’s compared to the average lifetime of neon signs at 30,000 hours, which is when their strength diminishes significantly. Traditional neon signs used fragile glass tubing. LED bulbs can withstand even the most extreme conditions. LED neon signs also come in waterproof versions that are more resistant to weather damage. These LED neon signs could save you money in places where there is extreme weather.

Many businesses are often seen with partially burned-out signs. This can cause a business to look tired and shabby. It is easy to replace with LED bulbs. While LED neon signs require no immediate replacement to maintain their impact, neon failures need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Custom-made LED neon signs emit little heat, and they are safe to touch. A neon sign can present a shock hazard and LED bulbs are long-lasting, so even if the sign breaks, it doesn’t cause injury like traditional neon signs.

Installation Cost. LED’s flexibility is a major advantage over its old counterparts. They are also easier and more cost-effective to install. While the initial cost of LED equipment can be higher, labor savings and increased longevity are more than offset. The older neon signs are larger and more complicated to transport. They also take longer to install.
Thanks to technological advances, LEDs now cost less and are used for most modern signage.

Energy Savings
LEDs will save you as much as 70% in energy costs. Traditional neon signs use more heat and require more energy. Glass neon draws 15,000 V, while LED lighting uses only 24 volts. Also, LED uses low voltage (12 v), as opposed to high-voltage neon (120v). LED signs use 20% less electricity than neon signs.

LED signs offer a greener option for lit signage thanks to their longevity and low energy consumption. LED bulbs are being made recyclable more frequently. Obsolete neon signage can be considered toxic waste. LED does not emit any mercury, glass tubes, gasses, or argon.

LED neon signs offer a way for businesses to cut costs and create eye-catching, creative signage. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice visibility and versatility to cut advertising costs. When you look at the LED and neon sign features and benefits, both the short-term and longer-term benefits of the LED will shine through. A professionally designed LED sign makes a great impression. LED signs are a powerful and proven method for footfall-based marketing.

Get more information about LED signs to brighten your brand. Neon Experts can answer all your questions.

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