Use Neon to Entice Customers to Return to Your Bar this January

A lot of hospitality companies are experiencing an increase in customers after the Christmas season has ended. If you own a bar and you’re looking for ways to draw customers back to your establishment in January. As many people participate in dry January it can be a daunting task at the moment! However, sometimes, you need the right advertising at your disposal.

This is where neon signs in bars come in to come into play. In this blog, we will explore how neon can be used to draw people back to your bar after the holiday season.

Here are three effective ways you could accomplish this.

Promote live music at events

Live music is a fantastic way to bring people back to your bar during January! Live music is a fantastic way to get people out of their homes and get them to pay attention of. The neon sign can be a fantastic method to advertise a show in your bar.

Neon has a rich history in the world of advertising. It’s not a secret that neon signs attract attention and draw people in. The idea of promoting live music through a neon sign may be the ideal method of bringing your customers to your business this January.

Talk to a local event or artist company about hosting a show. Then, let us take on the task of making your bar a custom neon sign!

Advertise your latest deals

Another way neon can help bring people back into your business is through advertising your most recent offers. If you’re offering any deals in January to help combat the January blues A neon sign is a great way to do this. If you’re having 20 percent off on certain drinks or food items, for example, make sure people who pass by know about it! They might be enticed by the offer to come in and experience the bar’s offerings. provide.

Neon Creations can create a customized design for you, or demonstrate the already-designed designs we have.

Your logo for your business

Another neon design to consider in January is to put your company’s logo visible for all to look at. This is a great way to inform passers-by you’re not just open but also established and ready to serve their needs.

We can design a unique logo specifically for your company that you can put up on your windows. This will definitely grab your customer’s attention and entice customers to stop by for a drink or two.

If you’re interested in creating or hiring a neon sign for your business this year, then don’t delay to contact us immediately. We’d love to help you.

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