Capture the Vibrant Charm of Hong Kong’s Neon Signs: 5 Simple Photography Tips for Beginners

Hong Kong is a magnet for photographers from around the world. The city’s custom neon signs hang from many of its buildings and attract them like flies. But, photographing neon lights can be difficult. To capture neon lights, you need to be able to work in low lighting and have patience for post-processing. Follow these simple tips to keep Hong Kong’s neon cityscape alive.

You might want to bring some props

A signed picture that looks interesting requires more than an interesting angle. Sometimes you will need a prop for a different angle. You can hold the reflective side of a CD to your lens. It might take some time to get the disk at the right angle, but once you have it there, you’ll see a burst in a color that will fill in the space in your photo. A glass prism can be purchased on Amazon and eBay to create a sophisticated look. You can make your photo look cool by using prisms. They can refract light and create flares or rainbows. When taking portrait photos of a person, request that they wear glasses. The glass will reflect the light of nearby neon signs for sale, drawing the audience into the image. You can also use reflective surfaces to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. These could be anything from shop windows or puddles on the floor.

You might be tempted to adjust the exposure to your camera due to the neon signs’ brightness in stark contrast to the darkness. Do not fall for this trap. Instead, reduce the exposure of your photo and enhance details later in editing. This will allow you to retain the highlights and color of your image while maintaining a low ISO.

If your phone doesn’t allow you to adjust the ISO, tap the area of the image that appears to be in the middle between the darkest and the brightest. You will be able to adjust the brightness to middle-brightness on your phone and have the same light play options as a DSLR.

Before heading out, make sure you pick up a neon sign

Before you embark on a photo trip, be sure to identify your favorite neon signs. You might have trouble finding the neon sign you desire in the darkness of Hong Kong, which is filled with all kinds of lights. Tsim Sha Tsui (Yau Ma Tei), Mong Kok (Wan Chai), and Central all have great signs. However, don’t hesitate to go off the beaten track. Some signs can be found in lesser-known areas such as fishing villages or small restaurants.

Tips and tricks from an award-winning pro

Key to successful post-processing

You can find neon signs in a variety of different designs and colors. Don’t stop after you’re satisfied with your shot. Lightroom, Photoshop, or any other photo editing software can be used to edit your photo. You can play with the colors, highlights, and lowlights until it reaches the color scheme you desire. RAW allows for more flexibility in terms of color and brightness. Following the second tip, you can adjust the brightness and highlight to bring out all the details.

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