Light up your Photography: Tips and Tricks for Shooting Neon Signs

How can you create striking photos using these retro lights?

While neon signs for sale are fast disappearing from storefronts and streets, many still attract photographers looking for their unique colors. Learn how you can capture colorful fluorescent tubes. They can be used to add a retro flare to anything, from street photography to portraits.

How to photograph neon signs.

Even on the darkest nights neon shines brightly. Here are the steps to take to capture neon at its best.

  1. A wide aperture is recommended: You want to get as much light in your camera as you can.
  2. Increase your ISO. To capture detail in the darkness around your neon sign you will need to raise your ISO a little.
  3. Manually adjust your white balance: Neo neon emits bright but not natural colors. To capture the true glow of the neon sign, adjust the white balance manually in your camera.
  4. Shooting in Raw: Photographing fluorescent at night requires that you balance extremely bright areas with dark areas. This can prove difficult in-camera. RAW images allow you to preserve more data so that you can manipulate your photos in the editing phase. This will give you the best results.

Try out a wide range of photo editing options to make fun and unique effects from your custom neon sign photography. When you are confident with your camera settings, experiment with adding models and reflective surfaces to your photos for fun, unique results.

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