Master the Art of LED Neon Sign Installation with This Simple Guide

While LED neon signs can be fun, there are important tools to aid you in making the most of your space while saving you a significant amount of money. Part-life hack, part-neon signs instructions, we’re here to give you the steps to carry out your DIY installation all by yourself. This guide will help make the room appear larger regardless of whether it’s the hallway, living room, or bedroom. Follow our tips and conquer all your hanging tasks like the confident, skilled neon sign handyman you are. What’s the most exciting part? It’s a reason to gather a group of friends and abandon the mundane!

Materials: Stud finder, level, pencil, drill, measuring tape, screwdriver screws, drywall anchors (as required), and hanger hardware (provided by Mondo).

1. Location:

You can choose where and how high your neon sign is placed in the room. For neon lighting placed on walls as a painting or picture the best height is 57 inches off the floor. Make use of a level to ensure uniformity.

2. Anchors

If needed, you may want to consider drywall anchors to provide extra structural support. This will depend on the look of your custom LED sign. Attach the metal standoffs included to your sign to accommodate various shapes and back designs. Before you insert the screws put the LED neon sign board against a wall.

3. Drill

Then, you need to make the pilot holes with your drill. After that, employ a drill to create the pilot holes.

4. Secure

Carefully position the custom neon lights against the wall. Attach the sign hardware to the front of the plexi by lightly tightening the screws on the inside with your hands, while paying close attention to the pressure required to securely attach the sign to the wall.

5. Plug-and-play

The power cord must be plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall that is grounded. Connect the power cord to the neon sign transformer. Check that the LED tubing is illuminated.

6. Finale

And you’re done. Take a seat, look around, and enjoy!

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