Illuminating the Past: A Journey Through the History of Neon Branding

Create Neon is welcoming 2023 with its new LOGO and LOOK!

Create Neon’s identity is unique. It aims to make your spaces brighter and more beautiful.
Today marks the second anniversary of Create Neon. We have updated our identity with a new logo, brighter colors, and more creative fonts. We will have a new look on our website as well as all social media platforms. So don’t be shocked.

A Brief History Of Create Neon

Jordan Christie was the founder of Create Neon. Jordan is a visual artist. His experimental artwork, which included centuries-old neon tube lights in one of the pieces, was greatly appreciated by his friends, family, and mentors. LED neon signs added excitement to his visual arts and added energy. From that moment on, he made neon art exclusively for local art galleries.

Jordan set out to make LED neon signs more accessible for everyone. He created Make Neon to provide neon art services to neon enthusiasts around the globe. He trained a team that specializes in creating artistic shapes with neon tubes. Create Neon’s founder, the visionary and innovator of the company, believes everyone should have the ability to express their ideas. He started an online neon sign company based in the USA and opened another one in the UK in 2020. Create Neon has two websites now, one for the USA and one for the UK. Create Neon’s in-house designers and 24/7 support will work with clients to help them create their dream neon signs. All you have to do is share your ideas and the team will send you a free mockup of it.

The Evolution Of The Create Neon Logo

We are constantly changing as a company and this is why we are making new changes to the brand. Our new look matches our vision for 2020, which is to be the most accessible platform to bring the thrill and shine of LED neon art into every person’s life.

Our new logo colors are the same color as our old logo, pink. We have made the logo darker and more vibrant to reflect the new spirit. We wanted to make the logo more vibrant to reflect what we do. The new logo contains different fonts. This symbolizes the endless customization’ offered to our customers, while they create their customized neon signs.

Favicon Website

The smiling face at the top of your browser tab is our favorite icon. The neon spark in the icon is symbolized by the sparkling eyes. This neon spark will brighten your life and make you smile like the smileys we have used. This favicon serves as a reminder of our mission, to spread smiles all over the globe with our brilliantly designed neon signs for sale. Our online neon sign maker makes it easy to design and make your custom neon sign. Send us your ideas by filling out our online form. We’ll convert your logo to a custom neon sign.

Throw Back to 2020 – What Did Our Old Logo Speak About?

Now that we have mapped out the next phase, we thought it was a good moment to take a look back at how the Create Neon Logo came about in 2020. That seems like a lifetime ago!

This logo captured our whole spirit at the time. The company’s mission was meticulously to bend the LED neon tubes into your preferred shapes. Thus, our previous logo featured a logo made from the LED neon tube.

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