How Neon Signs Capture Attention and Emotion in a Digital World

Neon signs are undoubtedly delightfully appealing to the eye. Neon signs provide an energetic and bright look to any space. It’s no wonder why custom neon signs are the most popular trend on Pinterest and Instagram.

The cheery glow of neon signs that once illuminated the streets of Las Vegas has made a spectacular return. The neon signs were popular at the beginning of the 20th century and then became diminished during the 1960s. The appeal of neon signs has grown tremendously and now is a fixture in our homes.

The Evolution of Neon Signs

Over the last few decades, neon has found its way from lab experiments to the dazzling streets of cities such as London and Las Vegas, brightening some of the most prominent structures in the world’s top cities. Signs of neon can be seen in bars, cafes, and homes today. Where did all this begin?

Neon was introduced to the world as a high-end item, starting with the first neon sign being sold in the United States of America for thousands of dollars. It was a symbol for dark, unpopular areas in the 1970s and 1960s. But, as time passed it was transformed into a work of art, not just an indicator of their location. Nowadays, famous people, top architects, and well-known businessmen utilize colorful custom neon signs to create stunning works of art that can be used in a variety of ways.

The Top Reasons Neon Signs are Growing in Popularity

There are a variety of reasons why neon signs have gained popularity. Here are a few:

  • can be used as a luminous decor piece: Neon signs emit a nostalgic feeling and recall memories of the past. In addition, the energy of the neon light fixtures is in perfect harmony with the vibe of 2021. People are enticed to stay in, so they play around with the design of their homes and incorporate bright hues into their homes. What can be better than neon signage? It’s a simple way to update your space and feel as if you’re in a bar. Neon signs are a great method to create a modern, vibrant look for your space. They are great for retro-themed spaces to give an atmosphere that is retro or can be placed around your home to add a feeling of relaxation. They are perfect pieces of decor to create a 70s-themed interior design that reminisces the disco time.
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly: Are you having doubts about putting up neon signs due to your concern about a large electric bill? It’s not true. The neon lights that are used to illuminate neon signs are much more efficient and cost-effective than simple light bulbs. It is a surprise to know that neon uses less than half of electricity. Therefore, neon signs are the best eco-friendly alternative to cut down on carbon footprints.
  • Bars and restaurants are able to be there were the days when people believed that neon signs only could be used to promote outdoor events. Today neon signs are typically seen outside bars and dining establishments. But, bars and restaurants have been exploring the concept for quite some time and, today, you will find shining and bright neon signs that are adorning the interiors of many eatery places. They are no longer just used to draw customers in; it’s now art pieces in a variety of restaurants and cafes. Some even have them placed in the washroom areas for a fun and quirky vibe.
  • The Ideal Advertising solution: Neon signs have been a part of the world of business for more than a century. They’re cheap and make a great first impression. A variety of vibrant custom neon signs is visible everywhere in the town. They draw customers in and boost brand recognition in public places. They are a great advertising option for high-end brands.
  • Long Lifespan: As stated earlier, Neon signs are exceptionally efficient in energy use. They also have a longer life expectancy. The typical lifespan of neon signs is 10 years. Each component can be easily replaced or repaired. If maintained properly they can last for as long as 20 years. And it is a proven fact that neon signs are much cheaper and require less maintenance.
  • Life Of The Party: Neon can be used as a whole theme in itself, and it also works best in enhancing your music. The simple act of placing a neon sign in the space could transform the appearance of the entire area. The glowing energy gives an inviting vibe that gives off a warm feeling. It is able to transform any boring living space into a party spot.
  • For Every Event: You can make use of neon signs for any event and are ideal for outdoor occasions. They can truly transform any event, be it bachelorette parties or weddings, to corporate cocktails or dinners for charity. Neon signs are a great option for adding a personal touch and guests are bound to be captivated by the signs.

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It’s exciting to get creative custom neon signs. Based on the location you choose to place your neon sign, it will bring color and richness to any space or window. The neon signs can be utilized for internal or external purposes and are an excellent way to make a bold statement.

If you do decide to utilize the sign, it can be integrated with other themes and colors to create a unique and special display. If you’re looking for a minimalist design or prefer a more modern and quirky style there’s no reason why neon signage can’t be used as an enticing complement. GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS is able to design a neon sign for you if you are searching for the ideal custom neon design to suit your next project. Get in touch with GETCUSTOMNEONSIGNS today to start planning your unique neon design.

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