Decoding the Neon Sign Debate: Traditional Neon vs LED

The Reality and Art of Traditional Neon

A little history to give context. In America, traditional neon was at its peak in the middle of the 20th century. Neon signage was first introduced at Paris Motor Show in 1910. It became very popular but then fell off the radar after a few years. Most businesses abandoned neon signs by the 1960s because they were too fragile and expensive.

As a temporary trend, neon signs saw a revival during the 1980s. Nowadays, traditional neon signs are expensive and have safety and efficiency problems. Although traditional neon signs still exist, there are far fewer than the number that existed in the mid-1900s. The LED neon sign is a much better choice.

The Essentials: Traditional Neon Vs. LED

Let’s look at the differences between these neon signs. Safety is one of the greatest. The traditional neon signs, which are made from neon and/or argon gas, are fragile and easily broken. They are dangerous to break and make a loud, buzzing sound. The LED neon sign does not make any noise, is very hard to break, and can even be shock-proofed. Traditional neon is almost ten times more energy efficient than LED neon signs to achieve a similar lighting effect. LED neon is therefore more eco-friendly.

LED neon isn’t as complicated to manufacture and requires no special glass bending. Also, LED neon signs can be set to a preset brightness. This is not possible with traditional neon. All maintenance is more complicated than traditional neon. There are also shipping issues. LED neon is safer, more affordable, and more versatile than traditional neon. It also lasts longer.

What’s a “Real?” Neon Sign?

Some people may believe that LED signs aren’t “real” neon signs. However, they look exactly like “real” neon signs. That’s what is important. It’s difficult to distinguish LED neon signs and traditional neon signs. David Dobrik mistakenly put an LED neon sign on his traditional neon sign.

Radically real

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