Everything you need to know before buying a neon sign

If you are reading the post, you are one of us, neon fans. Neon is a straightforward purchase. There are many things you need to know about LED neon signs. The Neonist has a mission to bring light, joy, and happiness to the planet through its beautiful neon designs as well as superior sign quality. This guide will show you how to select the perfect neon.

First, let’s get to the point. Determine the neon purpose.

Before you purchase a neon, ask yourself what purpose it will serve. How will it be used at your wedding? Will the sign be displayed at your wedding? Outdoor custom neon signs have waterproof properties, while indoor signs do not.

Would you consider this sign as a part of your living space decor? Would you be willing to hang this sign in your children’s nursery? You’re a business proprietor looking to add a striking element to the interior design of your beauty parlor, boutique, or coffee shop.

Why do we have to list so many questions? It is because of its purpose that many of its features are determined.

In order to make sure that the neon vendor can display your wedding reception outdoors, you will need to inform them in advance. You can use neon to create a focal point in your nursery. If this is the case, then you will not need the hanging elements. Instead, choose an acrylic to stand for the neon.

If there is no outlet near the neon sign, you can purchase a rechargeable lithium battery. This will however limit your choices in size.

Size is important

Before placing your order, you should take a look around the wall or area where you would like to see the neon installed. This will help determine the size you would like your neon sign to be. Consider measuring the area or wall you have to place your neon. The Neonist will create any size of neon for you.

The final price for a neon sign will also be determined by its size. The sign will cost more if it is larger than the rest.

Design and Color

The Neonist can provide a variety of design samples including colors, fonts, or shapes. We love working closely with clients who understand exactly what they are looking for. You don’t have to be a designer to get our help.

It’s possible to influence the price by choosing the right style for your neon. A neon sign with a curvy typeface will cost more than one with a normal font.

The Sign’s Backing

This is another important neon feature. There are many choices for neon sign backings. Each backing comes with a different price.

Last but not less. Your budget.

Prices for neons can vary depending on how large they are and what design they have. It is a great idea for you to meet with the neon company and discuss your budget. This helps eliminate potential misunderstandings as you move on to the next stage of your order process.


  1. Your purpose for the neon and where you’d like it to be displayed. A professional neon studio can create a sign that is suitable for your needs.
  2. You may have a specific design you are looking for (logo or monogram), then add this to the list.
  3. Size.
  4. Target Budget.

The Neonist studio’s expectations:

The Neonist staff will provide exceptional support to help you make the perfect neon sign. You don’t have to be a professional neon shopper – we can help you create the perfect sign that will serve your purpose.

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