The Benefits of Neon LED Signs for Your Business or Home

LED neon signs are preferred over glass neon signs when it comes to cost-efficiency, safety, portability, customization, and energy conservation.

Are you looking for elements to decorate your new house? A new business looking for an “extra” feature? A restaurant owner looking to increase the atmosphere and all your questions lead you to try to find the right neon signs.

There’s a new solution to your decor problems

From the traditional neon tube signs to modern LED-based neon signs, neon signs have evolved. Old signs used different gases to light up and were charged with electricity. LED signs are almost identical to traditional neon. However, it is easier to customize. It is both environmentally friendly as well as energy-efficient.

A look at the past

Glass signs are vintage-inspired. Glass neon signs have a nostalgic appeal that is unmatched, especially when you consider the nostalgia associated with classic bars or old big apples. However, glass neon signs are becoming ornamental outdoor areas. This is due to safety concerns. The LED neon signs are completely harmless because no high electric charges pass through them. LED signs are also brighter than normal signs which give them an advantage. You can still see traditional signs today but they must be visible from the outside, or by those with a flair for nostalgia.

How are Glass Neon and LED Neon made?

LED signs are simpler in design than glass signs. A standard sign is made up of many components. It includes glass tubes, electrodes as well as an electrical wiring system, a transducer, and a backboard. The tubes are bent into the desired shape using an extreme heating and cooling process. Finally, a transformer converts an electrical charge into a desired voltage. To induce desired colors, the tubes can be filled with different fluorescent gasses. The LED signs are made of acrylic tubes, which are then enclosed with the lights. The signs are mounted on the same backboard.

Why LED signs are better than glass signs

LED signs have been growing in popularity because they have many benefits over traditional options. LED signs have many advantages over glass signs. Here are some reasons LED signs are better than glass signs:

Price: LED signs are cheaper than traditional glass signs. LED signs are made from less material. Due to the use of gases, bending, and fusion of glass, traditional neon signs can be more costly. Acrylic, on the other hand, is more cost-effective and easier to work with.

Energy Costs LED signs are an excellent option for energy conservation and consumption. LED signs are powered by a low voltage around 12V-240V, which reduces energy costs. It consumes about 6-8 times as much energy as glass signs.

Structural Intensity: Glass signs can be more durable than led signs. Glass tubes are more likely to crack than LED signs, which are made of silicone strips.

Repair and Maintenance Glass signs are extremely expensive to fix once they have a problem. To get the sign back on track, it would be necessary to change the electrical system or the internal gases. The LED signs can be repaired by changing a lightweight strip.

Installation: LED neon signs require only a plug that can be connected to a power supply. This makes them much simpler to install. Glass signs are more difficult and require a more detailed process. LED signs are light in weight and easy to carry.

Customization – LED signs can come in one solid color such as white, yellow orange, green or blue, or a combination of several colors. RGB lights are also available, which allow you to change the colors of the lights. Because of the use of gasses, glass signs can only be made in one color.

Longevity: LED signs are five times more durable than glass signs.

Final Conclusion

Glass neon signs will give your store a nostalgic feel. The right choice is led signs if you’re looking for something that is both eye-catching and practical to decorate your home, bar or studio, party, event, wedding, or another venue.

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