The Lifespan of Neon Signs: How Long Can They Shine?

The tubes of Americana are a perfect representation of the retro feel from the 1930s until the 1950s. The neon signs of the past are so popular that they are still in style. They’re timeless ones, you could say. They can last for a considerable amount of time, even though we’ve all encountered those dead signs that produce a pathetic flicker or do not function at all. It’s not an attractive look.

Neon lights are made up of different components each with its average lifetime. But for real, how long will Neon signs last? Continue reading to learn more about the shelf life of neon signs.

Transformer Life

You can expect your LED neon sign transformer to last up to 8 to 15 years. The number of years depends on how often and how often you utilize the signs. Those signs are up inside, away from direct heat, and can last longer than those which are exposed to the elements every day.

Transformers are susceptible to damage by direct sunlight, so when they are placed outdoors and exposed to the sun, they will not last as long as signs used indoors.


Traditional neon signs or LED ones exposed to an inconsistent electrical supply or even blink are more likely to last less. A LED neon sign that blinks/flickers could cause wear to increase and decrease its longevity. You can switch between flickering and static, and you can choose to use the flicker settings in a limited manner.

Tube Life

The neon signs’ neon glass tubes usually last between 8 to 15 years. If put in the right conditions and maintained properly, you can make the most of your investment. Coatings last for up to 7 to 10 years dependent on the brightness of the sign and usage.

Phosphorus coatings that provide color to the neon tubes aren’t indefinite and can last for 7-10 years, but a neon sign repair expert can coat them again. The shelf life of this coating can be affected by the amount and how strong the sign is used.

Power Supply

Issues with a power supply that is not reliable can also influence how long the sign will last. If the sign is being placed in place, you must inform the contractor to be aware of the issue. A professional neon sign manufacturer will be sure that the sign is in good working order.


You can replace or repair the neon sign’s glass tubing. You can also upgrade the transformer by adding fresh gas. These things can prolong the life span of the neon light.

For business owners looking to get that attractively gleaming storefront, getting neon signs is the simplest method. Make sure you purchase your neon signs from reputable stores if you are one of them. Neon signs are relatively safe and provide cost-efficiency when you’ve got quality neon signs.

Tips to Maintain Your Neon Sign

Neon lights can make your business appear brighter and attract more customers. It is not something we should overlook. To ensure it will last, here are some answers to help you maintain the brightness of your neon!

Keep it clean!

It is essential to maintain your sign’s cleanliness to extend its lifespan. Your neon signs will not serve their purpose when they’re covered with dust and dirt. The signs will eventually turn unattractive and dull.

Check that your sign is not plugged in before starting to clean it. While it appears to be safe, the transformer within can still cause a shock. To get rid of dust, use a vacuum cleaner or paintbrush to scrub the dust off. If you notice signs of accumulated grime, you may need to spray ammonia-based cleaner and then employ a soft cloth to wipe the grime.

Don’t Unplug!

In reality, it’s best to keep the neon sign in every time, regardless of whether you’re washing it or repairing it. This is done by turning off the sign-off, putting more strain on the neon sign transformer all the time than just switching the sign on.

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