The Future of Lighting: Discover the Top 12 Reasons to Choose LED Neon Signs

Light advertising, or neon signs, is a proven, effective way to raise awareness about a product or service. This type of advertising is used for more than a hundred years. The latest advances in technology for illuminated advertising have enabled it to make significant technical advancements. The latest innovation in this space is LED signage. This article will cover 12 reasons why LED neon lights are more effective than traditional glass neon lights.

A longer lifespan

Compared with traditional neon lights, LED neons have a long-lasting. The typical life span of LED lights is approximately 50 000 hours. If you divide those hours by the hours of your regular use, you could observe that in some circumstances the LED neons need only replacing every 34 years. This is an advantage over traditional glass signs. You must verify the product to see the exact life expectancy.

Low energy

Modern LED lamps boast a luminous efficiency of around 80-100 Lm/W (lumens/watt). High-power LEDs can produce more than 300 lm / W. Compared to halogen lamps, they provide less than 12 lm W.

The LED technology’s high efficiency means that energy consumption is 6-8 times lower than glass signage. This can significantly lower the cost of electricity.

No fires

Because of their high efficiency, LED signages generate significantly less waste heat than glass. Glass can get too hot, and you shouldn’t even be touching it. LED neon, in contrast, are generally only lukewarm. There is no chance of burning.

High impact resistance

Glass lighting systems can be vulnerable to shocks. In addition, LED neon signs are more durable in severe conditions, are impervious to vibration, and are generally water-resistant. It is based on the design of the signage. This is a benefit for neon signs set on the outside.

LED signage is easy to use and there’s no waiting time

LED signs are extremely bright and last for a long time.


Its striking brightness is what sets LEDs apart from other signs. This technology is so exclusive that it creates the most brilliant and bright lighting. This allows you to see signage from a far distance. Due to their high luminosity, they are noticeable. They are not only brilliant. It is possible to see LEDs, even in the sunlight. This makes it easy to identify an LED signage logo or -writing, regardless of the time of day.

LED signs have a compelling appearance — the best way to wow customers

Signs made of fluorescent light can be difficult to maintain. At times, these signs give an impression that it is the light or another that requires replacement. Sometimes, lights may appear dimmer than other lights. This can make a bad impression on the sign and your company. Your logo and your message will appear hard to read. This issue can be solved by the use of LED lights. This advanced technology ensures that LED neon signs are more uniform and more bright.

Exceptional Colour

The variety of LED lights gives you a stunning array of colors. LED lights aren’t just excellent for business use however, they can also be used as lighting for special events, show lighting, wedding lighting, and many other purposes. With LEDs, it’s possible to create any lighting mood without using foils or paints.

LED signage is environmentally sustainable

An LED neon signs consumes 20 percent less energy than traditional signs. This means you will have a stricter energy standard without putting pressure on the environment. Moreover, lightning costs are substantially decreased. Fluorescent lamps release toxic gases such as mercury and argon. Fluorescent lights can be difficult to recycle cleanly. LED neon signs can help to address this issue.

Additionally, LED signs emit less heat than other lighting systems. This means if you have your LED lighting inside the space, it will not heat up, which makes them easy on the air conditioning bill as well.

Low maintenance

If you factor in the long lifespan of LEDs, their even effectiveness, and brightness, it becomes easy to see why LEDs require much less maintenance. LEDs aren’t contaminated with gases and glass tubes that could break or leak. LED signs are also much less difficult to clean. Not having to deal with the hot tube is just one of the advantages. LEDs can be used outdoors and indoors. If you install them outdoors they don’t require any protection from the elements. If you reside in a very humid or hot area, you can get waterproof LED signage. Ultimately, LED neon signs convince with their ease of installation!

Signs with thinner edges

Since LED signs don’t contain tubes, they can be smaller than neon signs.

  • Did You Know: A standard neon sign is between 3 and 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick. Compare this to the LED sign, which is only 1 inch (2.54cm) thick.

Smaller sizes result in lower shipping costs, less installation, and a lower carbon footprint.

Flexible Signage options

LEDs can be utilized in many ways, including replacing neon signs. Virtually anything you can imagine could be produced using LEDs. Each light can be independently programmed since you’re not using tubes any longer. This feature alone can result in amazing color changes or animations. You can create a logo that is as unique as your business. You will get the attention of prospective customers and grow your business. You will stand out from the crowd and get noticed by people passing by. Your customers will be captivated by your content through LEDs

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