Neon Signage Options for Your Bar or Restaurant

Neon signs are an excellent option to be noticed and draw the attention of customers. The possibilities for neon signage for bar and restaurant owners are almost endless. Bartush Signs specializes in customizing neon signs that catch the eye and can help you expand your business.

The options for neon signs are almost endless. There are a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. Our skilled team of designers will help you bring your ideas to life. Custom neon signs could be a fantastic way for your company to be noticed and create a lasting impression for customers who return.

Here are a few examples of custom neon signs that you could use at your bar or restaurant.

Neon Open Signs

An open neon sign is a must-have accessory for every bar or restaurant. An open neon sign is an excellent method to let customers know that your business is open. You can pick from a variety of colors that will reflect your brand and grab the attention of anyone passing by.

Neon Menu Boards

A neon-colored menu board could be an innovative method of displaying your menu and also give your business a unique appearance. It is possible to highlight certain items or even add color to your menu using neon. The neon-colored menu boards are sure to attract hungry customers who pass through.

Neon drink signs

Custom neon signs are an excellent method of adding some character to your bar. Neon signs are a great way to show your individuality regardless of whether you’re seeking an old-fashioned neon sign that says “cocktails”, or a custom sign that focuses on your favorite beverage.

A neon beer sign can be an excellent alternative for bars that specialize in beer. The neon sign is personalized with any of a variety of logos, however, it is an excellent option to showcase your selection of beer and create a welcoming environment for your patrons.

Neon Restaurant Signs

A signature sign is an excellent option for your restaurant to draw attention even when it’s not apparent from the outside to provide eating services. There are a variety of alternatives for classic “restaurant” signs. You can pick from one of these examples or even one you design your own. You could also design an exclusive design that focuses on your favorite food. Neon signs will attract people and provide an unforgettable experience.

Neon LED Signs

The LED neon signs provide a contemporary take on classic neon signs. Signs can be made that are brighter and more efficient than traditional custom neon signs by using LED technology. There are a variety of colors to pick from, meaning you can create an attractive sign that is in line with your company’s image. It also will catch the attention of people passing by thanks to the unique animations and enhanced brightness of LED technology.

Bartush Signs knows that neon signs can bring personality and ambiance to the bar or restaurant. It is possible to create a sign that is in line with the branding of your bar or restaurant by utilizing our expertise and a variety of possibilities. Contact us to learn more about the neon signage options we offer.

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